What to Know about Equate Allergy and Anti-histamines?

When you’ve been diagnosed with allergies, life won’t be the same anymore. We love to eat shrimps, lobsters, crabs, sea shells, and almost every sea food. There are enticing, flavorful, and a superb delicacy, but sadly you are diagnosed to be allergic to all kinds of seafood. One bite of that yummy goodness of steamed shrimp can cause anaphylaxis and in worse cases even death from anaphylactic shock. Allergic reactions are no joke, they are not just a bunch of red itchy stings on your skin, they can be fatal.

But if you have allergies to almost every good food serve on the table, would you just settle for a glass of water? Yes, allergies limit us to enjoy the flavors of life, but would you allow it? Definitely not. Life is too short to not try everything and anything. Cure for these allergic reactions have been made pharmaceutically. Diphenhydramine hydrochloride is the generic cure for all those allergies, and every Wal-Mart store has it in the form of Equate allergy relief.

This anti-histamine is your instant relief for that runny nose, watery eyes, and itchiness. This relief has its perks and drawbacks like any other anti-histamine drug in the market, and we have to be knowledgeable of such things for us to be both relief from the allergy and the risks.

Allergy Awareness

Be aware of your allergies. You may think that only one food or substance can cause your allergic reactions, but you’re definitely wrong. Allergy is caused by allergens, and allergens can be anything that your body’s immune system is hyperactive of. So if you have an allergy to peanuts, you might as well check if you’re allergic to other legumes.

Thus, it is a must to get tested for other substances. Upon having the test, keep the list with you all the time so that you would not be exposed to these allergens by accident. Awareness to your allergies is the first and basic precaution to prevent the occurrence of allergic attack.

Be Prepared

Having allergies means that anytime of the day you might have an attack, thus it is best to have with you an anti-histamine drug like Equate allergy. But sometimes we tend to be hard headed and think that being cautious of the allergens is enough to prevent dangers of an anaphylactic reaction. With that philosophy in mind, you’ll end up in a hospital bed probably intubated.

Allergy is a traitor disease, you might not have that allergic reaction to white meat on your skin test, but suddenly you develop such and have a dangerous allergic attack, and you were definitely caught by surprise. Having anti-histamines ready and on-hand keep you safe from this dangerous surprises.

Drug Cautious

Anti-histamine such as Equate allergy has side effects that we have to be aware of. The most common is marked drowsiness. Upon taking anti-histamines, you would feel light headed and sleepy, thus it is important that you are not engaged in any activity that can cause accidents such as driving. Because this drug can cause depression in your somatic system, substances such as alcohols, sedatives, tranquilizers and other depressants should gravely be avoided, for it may cause too much brain depression that could have danger in leading to coma or even death.

When used on children, excitability may occur. When pregnant or lactating, a physician should be consulted when taking this over-the-counter drug. If you are diagnosed to have glaucoma, enlarged prostate, emphysema, or bronchitis, you have to be cleared by the physician to take anti-histamines to relieve your allergies. It is important to be cautious with allergies both with the symptoms and their cure.

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