Myth or Fact: Can Constipation Cause Fever?

Constipation is frequently described as the passage of infrequent and hard stools. At some point we all have experienced this as this s the result of our colon over absorbing the water in our stools especially when their passage through the intestine is too sluggish. As a result, the stools become dry, hard and very difficult to pass.

There are many causes when it comes to constipation and in return constipation can cause several discomforts as well. This can range from nausea, vomiting, cramping, bloating, passing out gas, lethargy, light headedness, fatigability, weight gain and the like. This varies from person to person and while constipation is a very common cause, such experience with constipation may be very unique. In the end, you’ll know that you are constipated when passing out stools becomes quite a chore. Therefore knowing what causes constipation and what constipation causes will be quite useful for its management.

Constipation and Fever

There are many causes of constipation. One can be the fiber in your diet or the amount of water intake you have each day. It can also be a lack of exercise, increase intake of dairy products, certain medications, changes in your dieting habits and also dehydration and stress. There are many reasons to what causes constipation and the main thing is that to effectively cure constipation you must get to the bottom of the problem.

For some constipation can cause fever- or does it not? Usually those who get constipated also are dehydrated and this can explain the increase in the boy’s temperature. Plus, after all that over exertion you are bound to get all sweaty and overworked from all that energy exerted.

Babies and Constipation

When babies get constipated for the first time, the first thing to do is check the dietary changes you’ve made recently. It’s rare for a baby who is purely breastfed to get constipation therefore if this happens, you might want to go see the doctor. For babies on formula, constipation is common and you might want to check the ration of water to milk and so forth. If your baby is having constipation and fever then this might be something serious although the underlying cause will not be constipation but probably a different illness.

Children and Constipation

For children, constipation is not quite uncommon as they may totally ignore the urge to defecate in preference to recreation therefore it is important to establish a regular defecation schedule with them. Also children especially toddlers can be picky eaters. You’ll have a little problem trying to stuff in all those fiber rich food therefore you can plan meals together and make them more colorful and creative to increase your child’s appetite.

Children with constipation can have an increased temperature but not to the point of fever spikes. This can be due to a decrease of water intake, dehydration or even over exertion. If your child however is not feeling well and already is getting feverish then it’ll be time to give him some paracetamol and take him to the pediatrician.

Adults and Constipation

For adults, constipation can be the same for children. You will find that constipation can be easily managed. If you are not drinking the correct amount of fluids then try increasing your water intake to 8 glasses per day or more if not contraindicated. Also, put a lot of fiber in your diet such as beans, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Lack of activity can also decrease your intestinal peristaltic movement therefore you will also need to mobilize. Exercise whenever you can during your bus schedule and you can save time from malingering inside the comfort room!

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